IPC Accredited Training Partner – PIEK

Many steps are required to create an electronic end product that meets the intended quality requirements. Think about the design of the printed circuit board, the manufacturing process of the printed circuit board, assembling components on the printed circuit board and repair or modification, not to mention cabling and final functional test. Errors during earlier manufacturing processes can lead to more problems later in production and/or a final product that does not meet the intended quality requirements.

IPC Accredited Training Partner – PIEKTo prevent this, customers require their chain partners to work according to a certain standard in the previous process. IPC standards are therefore used in the electronic connection industry. And to be sure that these IPC standards are applied correctly, employees must also be certified according to the relevant standard.

And this is exactly what PIEK is specialized in, training and certifying employees in the electronics manufacturing industry according to the applicable IPC standards. PIEK is an accredited IPC Certification Center in all possible programs / standards. PIEK works internationally, mainly in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The IPC certification programs are listed below. This summary is always accompanied by a brief explanation and its translation to the production process.

ipc design

IPC Design

How to transform an electrical schematic into a PCB design that can be manufactured?



Which quality requirements a bare circuit board must meet to be accepted to continue to the next step in the production process?



Which qualification requirements of a bare board process and bare board materials are necessary to be accepted for a high yield in the next step of the production process?